Invalid formatted memo header 
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 Invalid formatted memo header

I'm running PdoxWin 5.0 on Win95, and have several largish tables
with 1 or 2 formatted memo fields each.

Within the last week or so, we began experiencing frequent long pauses
for no real reason (this is within a network setting).  We thought we began
to narrow our problems to network flakiness until we stopped using the
network, and moved the tables to a local drive.  The lockups/long pauses

We then began to investigate the tables.  Specifically, we using the Table
Repair Utility.  On each of the tables that have at least one formatted memo
field (and ONLY those tables), clicking on "Verify Table Integrity" starts
the operation, runs through the Header, Index, and Data routines, and then
pops up with "Table requires rebuild, view errors?".  The secondary index
scan doesn't happen at all.  Clicking yes yields
a list of between 4 and probably 100 (depending on the table) of
"Error Code 96, Error Level 1, Error Message-Invalid Formatted Memo
Header".  Now, I realize the error level is 1, and the manual lists that
as a non-critical error, but is there a way to get rid of this?

If I restructure the table changing the formatted memo field to just a memo
field, the problem goes away - and so does all the text in each of the memo
field records.  However Verify Table Integrity after this succeeds fine,
and scans the secondary indexes.

Interestingly yesterday was the end of our fiscal year, and as such we
started anew with empty tables (emptied via Tool|Utilities|Empty), and
scanning the new tables (one day old) produces 3 or 4 of these errors

I don't know for sure (and kinda doubt) that this is the root of our problem,
but I'd like to eliminate this to rule it out.  If anyone can help, I'd
really appreciate it.  I'd like to know what error code 96 is - am I missing
this info in the manuals or online help?





Sun, 19 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT
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