Multiple field find (newbie) 
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 Multiple field find (newbie)

I'd need to create a db where it should be possible to find records
using web browser when each variable can be on multiple field (see
explanation below). How to do this?

   - Janne Aaltonen (MD.) -
       - EMS physician, Helsinki, Finland -

Ie. (imaginary example)

FileMaker record:

1st May                2nd May            3rd May

field_1   chef         field_1  kenny     field_1   kyle
field_2   kenny        field_2  kyle      field_2   chef
field_3   kyle         field_3  chef      field_3   kenny

Web browser search field (optional):

search "field"    OR
search "guy"

Search result:

search "field_1" prints (on screen)

    1st May  chef        2nd May  kenny       3rd May  kyle

search "kenny" prints (on screen)

    1st May  field_2    2nd May  field_1      3rd May  field_3

Wed, 11 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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