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 Jaguar and FMP5://

This is driving me nuts!

I have 3 machines upgraded to OSX 10.2 Jaguar, and have Filemaker Pro
5.5 installed on all of them. The main reason is that I want to use them
as clients for a Filemaker Pro Server, and I have been relying on the
really nifty


protocol for using a website to connect to a specific database.
This really decreases the training, and I can use Applescript to connect
to them.

I have never found it to be an issue under OSX 10.1.x

Just after the upgrade to Jaguar, Internet Explorer on 2 of the machines
won't pass the fmp5:// urls to Filemaker Pro, reporting that the app
doesn't support fmp5:// urls.

So, what do I check?

1. I make sure that IE is configured via the Prefs to handle the fmp5
protocol by passing it to Filemaker
 --> no luck

2. I create a new user, and repeat
 --> no luck

3. I copy the IE and Library folder from the machine that works over to
one of the other machines
 --> no luck (that is, tha machine that works still does, and the ones
that don't still don't)

I am tempted to think this is an OS level problem, except that all of
the machines are running the same OS! With no modifications, other that
Apple's Developer Tools. I downloaded the trial version of FMP6 in hopes
that that will work - it doesn't.

Just out of curiosity, what is the OSX equivalent of Internet Config? I
have a feeling that the problem is mainly IE related, but I have no
evidence of that...



Tue, 22 Mar 2005 13:21:36 GMT
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