Editing Multiple Portal Rows on the Web? 
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 Editing Multiple Portal Rows on the Web?


After my intial query in which I was planning to use repeating fields for my Web
based database, I've decided to can that idea and use portals instead. ("Yay
Team" I hear in a deafening crescendo from the multitudes who dislike repeating

However, one black cloud hangs over the portal option. In Filemaker's Help pages
on 'Planning Pages for Custom Web Publishing', they say ... and I quote,
"Although multiple portal rows can be displayed in a Web user's browser, only
the first portal row (related record) can be edited." They say this however
after a paragraph on Instant Web Publishing.

Similarly they say under the Creating a portal to hold related fields' Help Page
that "If you publish the database on the World Wide Web using Filemaker Pro Web
Companion, multiple portal rows can be displayed in the Web users browser, but
only the first row (related record) can be edited."

Two Questions:

1. Does this only relate to Instant Web Publishing?

2. Can you display and edit multiple related fields in a portal on the Web using
Custom Web Publishing?

If you could eMail as well as post any replies to this forum it would be much
appreciated.     :)


Sun, 11 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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