QuickTime movies and FMP4 
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 QuickTime movies and FMP4

I am developing a system for researching {*filter*}histories in which the
interview, typically 5 - 10 hours, is cut into audio tracks, each of which
has a record in the database with keywords and concepts from that track.
The audio is digitized at a 16-bit 44kHz sample rate in order to provide
the best fidelity for listening. The audio tracks have been saved as
Quicktime movies. In order to make these available for playing from within
the FileMaker Pro 4 database I  loaded them into MoviePlayer, selected all,
copied and pasted them into a container field in the appropriate records in
the FMP4 database. The QuickTime files for the first of the interviews
exist across 5 CDROMs and were pasted into the database from those files
after the CDs had been written.

Here's the problem: The first QT movie accessed prompts the user for the
appropriate CD, as it should. But subsequent queries won't do that.
Instead, FileMaker tries to find the QT movie locally, then asks if the
user wants to search for the file. In the same dialog box it even names the
CD that must be put into the drive, but still forces the user to navigate
through the file selector to find the file (which is also named in the
dialog box). This problem is compounded by the fact that FileMaker can't
even find QT movies that are on the CD that is already in the drive!

Is there any way to correct this? I have thought about using AppleScript,
but I would rather not force the user to have AppleScript installed in
order to run the database unless I absolutely have to Also, the controls
for viewing the movie (listening to it) need to be within FileMaker so the
user doesn't have to switch back and forth between MoviePlayer and FMP4.
Might there be an alternative method for loading QuickTime files into FMP4
so that the Mac will prompt the user for the appropriate CD every time and
actually be able to find the movie by itself? Help!
Patrick K Mullen
California Jazz Institute
caljazz<at>csulb<dot>edu (just replace the words with the symbols.

Sun, 10 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT
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