QuickTime and QTVR in FMPro to the web 
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 QuickTime and QTVR in FMPro to the web

Can Filemaker Pro 4.0 serve QuickTime movies to the web?  I need to know
before I decide whether to invest in an upgrade.  If Filemaker can't do it
then I will have to create my own solution using Frontier.

I have tried the demo, and the default behaviour serves only the poster
image of a movie.  The features list says that FMPro 4 can include movies
in an HTML template, but I need to serve movies to the web from the
contents of a database.  

From sketchy info I've gleaned in magazines and the web I think that I
need a tag like [FMP-movie], which creates an <EMBED> HTML tag, or
provides a movie's pathname and allows me to create my own <EMBED> tag.

Further, if I can put movies on the web, does FMPro 4 support QuickTime VR
movies?  I suppose that URL hotspots in a panorama will be dead while the
movie is in the database, but would work when the movie is served to the
web.  Is it possible to make hotspots in a QTVR panorama which trigger
Filemaker scripts?

Thanks a lot,

Michael Zajac

Thu, 25 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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