Friday Night Chat Feb 9, 2001 
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 Friday Night Chat Feb 9, 2001

Hi All!,

FMP users and developers like to chat, and while a mailing list is great,
sometimes "real time" chat is fun and informative too!

A group of people, including myself, often pop into a chat on Fridays to
discuss FMP and generally socialize.

It's a great time to get immediate feedback on technical questions or ask those
questions you don't usually post on a mailing list.

We are using Hotline software to chat with.  If you do not already have
Hotline, you can get it at: http://www.***.com/ and search for Hotline.

Currently, Viaduct Productions is kind enough to provide a server for chatting
only, which is up only on Friday nights.  Once you have installed the Hotline
software, you need to go to the server icon (second one on the little toolbar)
then choose the first icon, connect to server, type: in the
first dialog box (no need to enter in the other boxes) and click connect.  You
should then be able to chat with the growing group of FMPers.  We encourage
those with specific questions and don't be shy to offer your perspective on
anything being discussed.

Please join us to talk shop, and to learn more about FMP!  Previous sessions
have been fantastic, and this is quickly growing to be a virtual FMP User Group
on the Internet!!

We sort of officially start at 8:00 pm Eastern 5:00 pm Pacific. Some folks
arrive before that so you probably won't be alone if you get there early. I
believe this is 10 am on Saturday in Eastern Australia.

Steven Scharf
SCS Media Services
PO Box 4135
Portland, Maine 04101
Tel: 207-774-9393
Fax: 207-774-1819

Wed, 30 Jul 2003 03:56:06 GMT
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