ISO: FMP library check in/out dbase/scripts 
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 ISO: FMP library check in/out dbase/scripts

Hello c.d.f. readers,

I'm new to FMP and this group.

I'm working for my stepdad's startup.  We're in the business of video
compression and authoring (read: premastering) of DVD.  Mostly medium budget
B movies.

I have a videotape library where I need to keep track of the current status
of each element.
Tapes come and go often, and new ones are added to the library/database

So far, I've been trying to be pretty aggressive in making separate DB's....

Customer / Vendor  - name, address, etc....about 15 fields
Library                    - barcode, title, subtitle, owner,
TotalRunningTime, Audio, etc - about 30fields of info for each element
Work Order            - customer, job title, etc.
Project Log             - sort of a journal for each work order.
In/Out/Move           - used(hopefully) for tracking tape wherabouts and
printing shipping info.

What I'm looking for is to:
  open the In/Out/Move
  choose OUT
  enter customer #  (change shipping address if needed)
  scan barcodes (showing a few fields of pertinent info from Library)
(portal or repeating field or separate In/Out/MoveDetail dbase?)

and the reverse:
  open inoutmove
  choose IN
  enter shelf # (we have a small closetlike room)
  scan barcodes
  print (if needed)

The idea here is to have the Library updated with whatever the latest action
was. And to save a history of the elements sordid past.

It looks like I'll need to get intimate w/ scripts (I have a tiny bit of C++
experience), I just want a jumping off point so I don't have to build
EVERYTHING from scratch using trial and error.

Can you point me in a direction of a URL or book (I bought the FMP4
Companion [didn't wanna plunk down $80 for scriptology] and I'm half way
though it. It's a tad too beginner, even for me. Maybe the juicy stuff is in
the second half)  or maybe some examples somewhere.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated, in advance.

Thanks for your bandwitdh,

Sun, 24 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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