HELP!! Odd relationship/portal problem 
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 HELP!! Odd relationship/portal problem

OK. Here's the situation:  I've got a semi complicated solution that I'm
working on involving what I thought would be a simple
inventory/catalogue/invoice solution.  The Catalogue database has a
relationship to my inventory database, to show current stock levels of
each item(using a portal and a sum(inventory::number) field.  This was
working beautifully until I added a Purchase Order database that also
has a relationship to the inventory database.  Now, when I open up the
catalogue database, all of my "Number In Stock" data shows only the
sales, and not the inventory, resulting in all negative values.  When I
scroll the screen down and back up, the numbers all change to the actual
"In Stock" values.  The purchase order database has a portal that shows
all of the inventory line items with that P.O. ID number.  I know it's
got something to do with this P.O. database, because before I created
it, everything was fine, and if I open it, and goto say, the first P.O.,
all the catalogue items purchased on that P.O. show the correct values
in the catalogue, while other items retain the negative values.
Returning to the P.O. database and moving to the next P.O. record will
correct the values of the itmes purchased on that P.O., and so forth.
For some reason, things aren't updating properly, and I can't figure it
out for the life of me.  I'd really appreciate any suggestions. (I've
tried cycling through the records, entering the Sum field, I've also
tried refreshing the screen, and a few other things, but no luck...)

Thank a lot,

Thu, 09 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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