New Book: Automating FileMaker Pro 
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 New Book: Automating FileMaker Pro

by Jesse Feiler

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, February 2000, ISBN 0-12251-337-1

Are you a FileMaker Pro developer? An administrator? A user? No matter
what your role, no matter how you depend on FileMaker Pro, this is the
book you need if you want to save time, money, and frustration by
automating routine tasks and making your database project communicate
with other data sources. Inside, you'll find clear, expert instruction
focusing on scripting, field calculations, and ODBC configuration, along
with all the background you need to get started. As you master specific
techniques, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the product as a
whole, as well as a sound general approach to FileMaker Pro development
that you can apply in every aspect of your work.

Part I: FileMaker Pro Scripting -- FileMaker Pro: A Review -
Introduction to ScriptMaker - Using Scripts - Interface Steps - Database
Steps - Programming and Control Steps -- Part II: Calculations and Field
Options -- Introduction to FileMaker Pro Calculations and Formulas -
FileMaker Pro Functions - Field Options - FileMaker Pro Summaries --
Part III: ODBC and FileMaker Pro -- Overview of ODBC


Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
San Francisco, California

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