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 Getting summary of records


> I have a database that a field on multiple records has redundant entries
> (i.e. 3 records can have the same entry in a 'ref field'.  I would like to
> travese through the database and have a summary search where only one of the
> multiple records show up in a list.  Does anybody have any suggestions?

> Example.

> Total Record Set:

> Rec    Ref_Num  Title Image#
> 1         1     Tree   Maple
> 2         1     Tree   Spruce
> 3         1     Tree   Oak
> 4         2     Car       Ford
> 5         2     Car       Chevy
> 6         2     Car       Dodge
> 7         3     Animal    Cat
> 8         3     Animal    Dog

> I would like a summary search that only shows....

> Ref_Num   Title
> 1         Tree
> 2         Car
> 3         Animal
> .
> .
> .
> Thanks in advance.

Make a new layout with a subsummary part (Layout mode/Part Setup) sorted
by Ref Num.  In the Subsummary part place the fields Ref Num and Title.
Now delete all the fields in the Body part and pull up the bottom line
of the body part until it disappears.
Put your headings in the header.
When you sort (you must sort) by Ref Num and go to Preview Mode, you get
what you want.  It only shows in Preview mode though.
Make sure the fields in the Subsummary Part don't touch the top boundary
line or they will think they are in the Body part.  
Maire Black

Mon, 05 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT
 Getting summary of records

>  Interesting.  It worth a look at.  As I was going throught the FMPro manual,
>  it turns out that there is an example of just what I am looking for.  The
>  script calls for a mark field in which you traverse through all of the
>  records marking duplicates.  In the end you just look for any entries that
>  have the mark fields blank.

You need to recognize that you aren't distinguishing between two different
request. Do you want to somehow eliminate or otherwise process duplicate
records? That's one issue, and the mark-field approach is one (of many)

If you want to create a printed report or export records, the mark field
approach is slow and unnecessary, and summarizing is the solution.

Wed, 07 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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