Help with Keyboard Shortcuts? 
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 Help with Keyboard Shortcuts?

FileMaker 6 introduced the key combo of CTRL-ALT-L for locking layout
objects.  However, this doesn't always work on XP machines at my office
or at one of my client's where I tried it.  Also didn't work on a W2K
machine at another client's office.

I asked about this on another FMP list and no one else had such
problems.  I tried it again on my office machines at that time and it
worked as expected.  I thought I was crazy because I know that I
carefully tried it and double-checked I was pressing the correct keys, etc.

But on Friday, I installed Developer 6.0v4 and the key-combo is again
not working on this machine.

Here's the "semi-off" part of my post: I'm thinking that perhaps another
program on all these computers has commandeered the key combo of
CTRL-ALT-L, but I haven't been able to determine which program.  Does
anyone know if there is a place in Windows XP that lists all keyboard
shortcuts that are in use, or a way to figure out what program is using
a particular keyboard shortcut?

Howard Schlossberg              (818) 883-2846
FM Pro Solutions       Los Angeles, California
Associate Member, FileMaker Solutions Alliance

Sun, 04 Dec 2005 01:26:52 GMT
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