Quicktime movies on the web via FileMaker Pro? 
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 Quicktime movies on the web via FileMaker Pro?


I've created a web-based glossary database that allows students to access
musical terms with graphic examples. I'd like to be able to enhance the
glossary by using QuickTime movies. I called FileMaker and the support
person said CDML doesn't support web playback of QT files via FileMaker
Pro. However the tech database says this:

CDML: Playing a QuickTime Movie in a Container Field

How to show a QuickTime movie that is in a container field on your web page:

To play a QuickTime movie that's in a container field, first put the
actual movie file into
the Web folder. In this example, the movie is placed into the "images"
folder inside the web folder.

Next, define a text field called "filename". In this field, you'll enter
the name of the movie file for each record.

To play the movie for a record, you'll put this html into the results page
used to display the record detail:

     <EMBED SRC="images/[FMP-Field: filename]"
     PLUGINSPAGE=" http://www.***.com/ " WIDTH=160 HEIGHT=120
     CONTROLLER=false LOOP=true AUTOPLAY=true>

As you can see, this is standard html for displaying a QuickTime movie on
a web page. However, this example uses the [FMP-Field] tag to get the file
name from the field in the database.

_____end snip____

Maybe the tech note didn't translate well from the database to my browser
because it doesn't work.

Anyone ever try to make QT playback available via FM Pro and the web?? Any
help would be appreciated. School starts in 3 weeks. Yikes!


Sat, 26 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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