FMP file opening error 
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 FMP file opening error

    Howdy, I admin a lab that got a filemaker pro 4.0 box in last month.
Everything's been fine, but this morning I came into a whole bunch of
unhappy users who can't open a file and keep getting "Sorry, filemaker is
unable to read the drive this file is on. CLick continue to try again or
exit and copy this file to another disk"  Well needless to say continue
didn't work.  The drive the file's on is fine and I've moved it to the drive
and directory that filemaker's on with no success.  I can run recovery on
the file and it lists something like 1736 bytes salvaged, but then when I
try opening the recovered version I get "The access permissions of this file
have been damaged or possibly tampered with."  The girl who was on the
database last says she modified a field or two and then closed down with no
error messages.  I called Claris/FIlemaker tech support and decided that
after 25 minutes they really had no intent on taking me off of hold.  Any
ideas, anybody?  We do have a back up but it's a bit older than I'd like to
have resort to.  Thanks-

Jon Walsh
Psych Lab Admin
Northwestern University

Sat, 20 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT
 FMP file opening error

I finally got a hold of the Filemaker tech staff.  I'm screwed.  Thanks
anyways folks.  As a general word of caution if you're running under windows
be sure not to let people use your database over the network neighborhood,
it's a time bomb at best.


Sun, 21 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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