Please help me with SQL! 
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 Please help me with SQL!

Look up the SQL statemnts SELECT DISTINCT and GROUP BY.


> Hi all,

> I am fighting hard to finish a sql query. I am not an expert on SQL so
> I appreciate your great help -

> I have a table called article. I want to display the author for every
> article under the same section but has the lastest post date. I wrote
> the sql this way -
> select author_name, most_recent_date
> from ( select max(post_date) as most_recent_date, section_id from
> article group by section_id ) a left join article b on
> a.most_recent_date=b.post_date and a.section_id = b.section_id

> It works fine but produces duplicate results. The reason is that each
> article entry is indentified by article_id but I can not put this
> field into the aggreation selection. I only need one row per section,
> but the result is mulitple rows per section displayed if happendly two
> or more articles have the same post_date and section_id fields..

> How to write this query? Thanks a lot!!

Wed, 09 Feb 2005 04:06:35 GMT
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