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 Multiple Page Layout

> I am having a great deal of trouble setting up a letter layout that can
> extend across a page break and still print correctly (using FileMaker 4).
> Does anyone have a solution--it needs to be simple, or my client won't
> it.

> I have considered separate text fields (ex. body1, body2, etc.) that
> the page breaks, but the users will undoubtedly keep typing in the first
> field and wonder where the rest of the text went.

> Confining the fields to a maximum number of characters isn't a great
> alternative--not friendly enough to the user.

> I really appreciate any suggestions you can offer!

FMP is a database program and not a word processor.  However we ultimately
have to create reports, and in this regard FMP needs to improve its
facilities.  I use FMP for all my letters, faxes and email.  I don't have
any problems with sliding-text fields crossing page boundaries provided
that I size my title-header depth, header depth, summary-part depth, body
depth, footer depth, and title-footer depth to cause my page breaks to fall
in the same acceptable position on every page in Layout mode.  I find that
it's essential that I don't have varying fonts and /or sizes and/or styles.

And I NEVER use the New Break facility in Layout mode!

Hope this helps!

Hilton Brown
(for all my published FileMaker Pro articles)

Thu, 12 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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