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 search w/portal?

I have a DB of personel and a related DB of weeks. They are scheduled
week by week IF they call in for work, say, 2 weeks into the future.
The DB of weeks has both a date field for each of the seven days plus
an "available" field for each day. I want to perform a find where I
specify I want somebody in a certain category (a field in the personnel
DB) and who has NOT been marked as unavailable on a certain date. That
may because they HAVE been marked as available, or because
their "available" slot for that day doesn't have anything in it yet, or
because they haven't called in for work for that week and they don't
even have an existing record for that week connected to their name.

So I put a portal on my personnel form and I'll enter the date I'm
looking for in, say, the Monday column, and that the "available" field
should equal "A". It finds anybody who has an "A" in any
Monday "available" field regardless if it's for the date I asked for.
How do I do this?

And on a related note, how do I do any search for a text field with
a "<>" effect? That is, how would I find records with name "Smith" and
whose address <> "123 Broadway"? Or "Smith" and "not isempty(Address)"
or address <> ""? There seems to be no way to work a negative on a text
field for a find condition.

Using FMPro 4.1

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Sat, 21 Jun 2003 15:00:10 GMT
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