Problem with Quicktime movies 
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 Problem with Quicktime movies

I have created a Director movie, exported as Quicktime movie and
imported into Filemaker Pro 3.0. This movie is intended to play back
when the user opens a certain database (a sort of "splash movie").
In general all works fine, but:
I have noticed that when the movie is played back in FileMaker (via a
script, of course), it plays much more jerkily than e.g. in Movie player

(in Movie player it plays exactly as smoothly as in Director itself). It

seems as if FileMaker is playing only every second frame. (It is a quite

big movie: 640 x 380)
My question: Can I do anything about this phenomenon? Or is this a
FileMaker internal matter?
Thank You for any suggestions!

Sat, 28 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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