How to display a portal in web browser 
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 How to display a portal in web browser

Hi everyone.

I have created a database to be used as a shift handover. I'm useing FMpro
4.1. This database includes a portal and a relationship with another
database. My intention is to use our companys intranet to for our employees
to access, enter data and search this database. To create the web pages  i
use Claris home page, Filemaker connection wizard initially. This is where i
run into problems.
I have managed to get the records from the portal displayed on the "Record
detail page". I need som guidance in how to setup the "New record page" so
it's possible to enter data in the portal. I want the page to enable me to
enter more than one entry i  the portal for each post in the handover

Fredrik Beatty

Mon, 18 Aug 2003 18:56:34 GMT
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