FileMaker 5.5 and Problem with NT 4.0 
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 FileMaker 5.5 and Problem with NT 4.0

I am running a batch file through the Task Scheduler on a computer
with NT 4.0 (with I think about 256 Megabytes of RAM) which first
copies some files from a server, then a FileMaker 5.5 file opens and
executes a script that imports records, processes them and exports as
a text file - the batch file then continues and does some routines in

The problem is that this sequence of tasks will run just fine for a
couple of days. Then the batch file will only do the steps before and
after the FileMaker portion. When this happens I try to launch
FileMaker manually and it will not load at all.

I reboot the computer and the batch file runs normally for a few days
and then presents again.

Does anyone have any ideas what may be going on and how to resolve?


Tom K.

Mon, 03 Oct 2005 07:05:24 GMT
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