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 Page break question...

I, of the forementioned "Portal ? for church directory" post, got the
files working properly, with the help of Glenn Schwandt's posted answer.
Thank you, Glenn : )

Now I am unable to get the printout I want because it keeps breaking the
page in the middle of the body. Setup is: Title header, Header,
Sub-Summary by ID number, Body, Footer. The SubSummary part contains the
fields from the related file. The body contains fields from the master

Layout setup shows that the option for "breaking across pages" is
unchecked for both the SubSummary and the Body parts, yet it still
breaks. I checked it then unchecked it (you know, it's like clicking the
mouse _really_ hard when you can't get it to do what you want), but
still no difference. I searched this NG and found reference to the
option-button "secret" under layout setup and I even tried that (on a
copy of the file in case anything got lost in the secret actions) and it
did nothing but allow the type to get partially chopped off on the
carried over portion.

So, what's the secret? I'm using FMP 3.0 on a Mac.

Mon, 18 Aug 2003 12:25:10 GMT
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