MAC question - missing posts at printout 
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 MAC question - missing posts at printout

Dear FileMakers;

I have had the damndest problem?recently our company decided to throw a
party, and we put together a guest list in FM Pro 3.0. A very simple
register - name, company, address and whether the invitation had been
accepted or not. The info was put into one layout, "Normal", and printed
in another, made for Avery 7160 labels (for mailing).
The problem is: while inputting, the screen displays 211 posts. When
switching to the label layout, there are only 185. And the damndest thing
is that the missing 26 posts are not always the same?

The register sits on a Windows NT server, but is handled from a Mac
6100/66 running OS 7.5.

If anyone can come up with even half an idea about the cause of this
problem, please tell me by mail as well?

Thanks beforehand!

Mtas J?nsson

A piece of advice that may save your life: "Don't eat sausage!"

Fri, 03 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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