Serial Plugin for FilemakerPro 4 MacOS 
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 Serial Plugin for FilemakerPro 4 MacOS

Dear Sirs,

We have just released the beta 0.1 version of Serial A plugin for FMP
4.0 MacOS. The plugin controls the serial A port (modem port). We
included a very small manual and a simple example database that emulates
a terminal window when connecting to a modem. This version will expire
15-08-1998. Please send us any comments about the plugin possibility and
functioning. Feel free to contact us if you want some more information

also make a plugin that controls the printer port.

The plugin is available at
http://www.***.com/ ~bane/Serial%20A%20Plugin.sit

Rumora Automatisering en Advies
Branko Rumora

Tue, 23 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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