??Related fields print but don't view 
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 ??Related fields print but don't view

Thanks for the response, John.

A big NEVERMIND is in order. For some undetermined reason, the problem
has ceased.

Simple Preview mode should have shown the related fields regardless of
record, although _what_ was shown would of course vary by record. And
what I meant by 'draws its name...' is that the form letter has related
fields placed in it which refer to data in the related (parent) file
which keeps the names and addresses.

Thanks for the response. Still don't know the problem, but why fight
good karma?



> Any chance you are previewing by simply entering Preview mode, but not going
> to the correct record? That would explain printing right and previewing
> wrong.

> If not, could you tell us what you mean by "...draws its name...from anothr
> database". do you mean they are looked up, calculated, or therelated fields
> are actually on the layout? Also, do they display properly in Browse mode?
> --

> John Weinshel
> Datagrace
> Associate Member, Filemaker Solutions Alliance
> Vashon Island, WA
> (206) 463-1634

> > I have a form letter layout which draws its name, address, etc as
> > related fields from another database. The problem is that I want to
> > review the letters individually before I print them. In Preview mode,
> > the related fields completely disappear as though they were not on the
> > layout. However, they _print_ just fine. I really do need to review the
> > related data before printing so any suggestions would be appreciated.

> > Running FMP 4.0v3 on Mac OS 8.1

> > tia,

> > --Fred

Tue, 19 Aug 2003 01:13:30 GMT
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