Workaround for FM 5.5, 6 crashes with web companion 
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 Workaround for FM 5.5, 6 crashes with web companion

I reported the problems, as have many others, that FM 5.5 and 6 crashes
very frequently under MacOS X when using the web companion, for instance
with Lasso or other web serving solutions. I have looked for a solution
here and other places, but haven't found any. So I thought maybe others
would find the following tip on how to make it as rock solid as under
MacOS 9 useful. The workaround is just that - not a solution. But it
might work for you.
So, the idea is simply this: Run FM, with the databases you need, under
Classic. You can open the info panel on your database files, and mark
them as "Open in Classic". If you have FM 5.5 for MacOS 9 installed, the
files will open in FM 5.5 classic (starting Classic first, if needed).
Lasso and your webserver still runs native in MacOS X, of course, and
Lasso at least have no problems communication with the web companion in
FM even if FM runs under Classic. If you cleanse your Classic System
Folder of any unneccesary extensions etc, and make sure FM is the only
App running under Classic, the whole system can be very stable and
almost as responsive as a fully native setup. My setup is now rock
stable, with one execption: If I Quit the classic FM, sometimes it
refuses to start again, and it seems Classic has frozen, forcing me to
force-quit Classic. But this happens infrequently, and is not a big
problem since FM as good as never crashes under Classic.
Hopes this can help some of you frustrated souls, as it did for me.


Wed, 26 Oct 2005 04:02:49 GMT
 Workaround for FM 5.5, 6 crashes with web companion


we're having similar troubles and found a different solution.

After some trying we were able to get a "nice" reproducable crash, by
accessing with Safari (v72) a page that contains two InlineActions and
then use Safari's "Reload Page" button. It WILL crash FileMaker no later
than the third time of reloading - EVERYTIME.

Although FileMaker is sitting ontop of Mac OS X, its WebCompanion is
pretty much on its own, when providing http services on (default) port
80. So Mac OS X is very unlikely to be involved in this mess.

Inspired by Kevin (thanks!) we figured then, that Down-grading might be
worth a shot and based on our considerations above, we focused on
FileMaker and more precisely the WebCompanion. The earliest version of
FileMaker 6 Unlimited we found is 6.0v1 and it still crashes.

We went further back and have found the following configuration to work:

FileMaker 5.5v1 and WebCompanion 5.5v3, eMac (700 MHz) with 512 MB RAM,
and Mac OS X 10.2.3.

Although this works, we're not very happy with that solution, as the
license we got only allows for 90 clients per day and we bought the
unlimited version for a reason...

If someone has a 6.0 Unlimited floating around, we'd be glad to try and
see if that one does the trick.

Any additional ideas/suggestions are welcome.


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Wed, 26 Oct 2005 06:03:17 GMT
 Workaround for FM 5.5, 6 crashes with web companion


> Any additional ideas/suggestions are welcome.

Mac OS X 10.2.6

Fri, 28 Oct 2005 10:37:08 GMT
 Workaround for FM 5.5, 6 crashes with web companion

nope, doesn't do the trick. Safari still crashes FileMaker upon (around)
the third reload.

Our ('downgrade') solution still runs stable so far...


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Sat, 29 Oct 2005 04:30:02 GMT
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