Can't automate Hosts for Filemaker 3.0v6 on NT Machine 
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 Can't automate Hosts for Filemaker 3.0v6 on NT Machine

We currently have Filemaker Pro 3.0v6 running on a macintosh and every
system can see the hosts, when we put it on an nt system it goes out and
looks for the hosts but filemaker can't see it, when we choose specify host
and type in the nt machines name it sees it fine. we even check off the box
that says save this host for next time (ro something to that effect) how
ever it never seems to recognize the host is there anyway we can get it to
constantly remember the host with out have to re enter the computer name
every time someone opens  up filemaker? It also doesn't see the NT machine
when we type in the IP address. IS there anyway to get it to connect
automaticlly? right now we select hosts and it finds and opens the databases
but on NT  we have to select hosts and than select the server name is there
away to automate the process so where we can just select hosts and have the
databases open automaticly.?
Thank you for your help.

Sat, 03 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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