Allow part to break across pages - question 
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 Allow part to break across pages - question

In terms of fancy formatting, I suspect I'm asking too much of FMP here,
but I thought I'd ask anyway.  I've got a small DB of jobs to be done at a
camp and the names and addresses of the people assigned to those jobs.  I
want to print out this info nicely formatted, separated by job.  I've got
a leading subsummary sorted on jobs with a narrow body under the
subsummary containing the name and address of each person asigned to that

My problem is that I want to keep the records (people) that each job
summarizes on the same page as the "job" rather than having some of the
records forced to the next page.

Example, bottom of page 1:


  Bill Jones
  1234 1st st, anywhere

  Stan Freeman
  4567 3rd ave, anywhere


  Susie McDermott
  3456 Green Rd, anywhere

------ top of page 2 ------------------------------------

  Fred Short
  9876 Red Rd, anywhere

I've tried playing with "Allow to break across pages" (which is off by
default) for both the subsummary and the body parts, but I can't get FMP
(3.0 and 4.1) to keep the records on the same page.  Of course, I can play
with the footer height and force the subsummary part to the next page,
but, since the number of people may vary for each camp session, the
problem would probably be back the next time the DB was used.  Is there
any way to do what I want?  If not, it's no big deal, but the printout
would look nicer if I could get FMP to cooperate.

Thanks, Bill

Sun, 24 Aug 2003 03:10:45 GMT
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