Way to create pop-up entry window? 
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 Way to create pop-up entry window?

I'm building a database using FM 5 on the Mac and I'd like to have a
pop-up window for data entry on certain fields. Is this possible? I can't
seem to figure this out.

I'm building an inventory system and on a page that showes a specific
item, I don't want the user to be able to edit the 'sold to' info (name,
date, price) directly, but rather I'd like a pop-up window to show up to
make sure the user fills out everything correctly and has a way to back
out before confirming it.

I think I've seen a commercial plugin that says it does something along
these lines, but this is a simple system for my grandfather's business and
I was hoping I would have to buy anything other than Filemaker.


Philip Trauring

Tue, 11 Nov 2003 06:26:23 GMT
 Way to create pop-up entry window?

Create a new file (lets call it Dialog) with one form layout (no header or
footer). Draw a rectangle the size of the dialog box you want. Create a
startup script which hides and locks the status area, and includes a zoom
window step. This helps the make the window look like a regular dialog.

Create a global field to be used as a match field to your original file.
Create a relationship from the Dialog file to your original file. (Ignore it
if FM complains that the relationship will not work).

Create a global field (in the Dialog file) for each field you wish to edit
in the original file.

Back in your original file create a (button initiated) script which pastes
the value of the current match field to the global match field in the Dialog
file.This establishes the relationship between the Dialog and the current
record in the original file. Similarly paste the current values from the
fields which you wish to be edited to the equivalent globals in the Dialog
file. The next script step would open the Dialog file, just like a regualar
dialog box.

When the user finishes entering the values in the globals, he/she can click
one of two buttons, Cancel or OK. Cancel simply closes the file, no harm
done. OK is scripted to paste the values from the globals to the related
record in the original file. It then closes itself.

Include a shutdown script which clears the values from the globals and
deletes all but one record.


Mon, 10 Nov 2003 09:39:43 GMT
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