Inline Actions and FMPro 6 vs. FMPro 5 
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 Inline Actions and FMPro 6 vs. FMPro 5

Can anyone help me with this?

I have a format page that contains three inline actions:

[FMP-InlineAction: -db={CurrentDatabase}, -lay={CurrentLayout},
RecordNumber={FMP-Field:RecordNumber}, -mailto={FMP-Field:To},
-mailfrom={FMP-Field:Email}, -mailbcc={FMP-Field:Recipient1},
-mailbcc={FMP-Field:Recipient2}, -mailbcc={FMP-Field:Recipient3},
-mailformat=prequest.txt, -Find] [/FMP-InlineAction]

[FMP-InlineAction: -db={CurrentDatabase}, -lay={CurrentLayout},
RecordNumber={FMP-Field:RecordNumber}, -mailto={FMP-Field:Email},, -mailformat=thankyou.txt, -Find]

[FMP-InlineAction: -db=mydatabase.fp5, -lay=Form View,
-RecID={FMP-Field:MR_RecID}, Sent="1", -Edit] [/FMP-InlineAction]

These inline actions work when FMPro 5.0 is used but cause FMPro 6.0
to freeze.  I then force quit FMPro 6.0 to get to the finder but the
finder freezes and I have to restart the machine. Major pain in the
arse.  The funny thing is that if I use only one inline action in my
format page FMPro 6 doesn't crash.  My gut feeling is that this is a
FileMaker problem kind of like when 5.0 couldn't set multiple cookies
when 4.1 could.

My set up:  G4 Mac Server System 9.1 with ASIP 6.3.3, FMPro 5.0 v3
Unlimited with Web Companion 5.0 v6 serving on port 80 (ASIP isn't
used as a web server), Eudora 5.1 and FMPro 6.0 v2 Unlimited with Web
Companion 6.0 v1

Hopefully someone here can help.  Otherwise I'm gonna have to use one
of my lifelines and call Filemaker.


Tue, 08 Feb 2005 07:44:57 GMT
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