DB2/2 v1.2 SQL5122N error 
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 DB2/2 v1.2 SQL5122N error

I just restored a DB2/2 v1.2 database from ADSM backups, and I'm getting the
following error when trying to start the IBM Time and Place/2 (calendar and
scheduling application) server that runs on the database:

"SQL5122N Access to the database was invalid because of a machine dependent
check.  Explanation: The database and database configuration file cannot be
accessed because of copy protection."

This setup has worked fine for over 4 years, but I had to repartition and
reformat the drive.  Before doing this, I stopped the TaP/2 server, stopped
the database, and did an ADSM incremental backup, thinking I would be safe
when it came time to restore.  Have I forgotten to restore a key file?  How
do I get this working again??  (I'm a network admin with little DB2
experience, so go easy on me!)

Roger Perkins
Please cc: me in email

Fri, 22 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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