PC Writing back into AS400 
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 PC Writing back into AS400

I am trying to use VB6 (tried with VISDATA) or Access97(via ODBC) to modify
and update an existing record in AS400 (DB2 table) and get the following
message :

"The Microsoft jet database engine stopped the process because you and
another user are attempting to     change the same data at the same time
Number 3197"

Strange thing is that if I inserted a new record from PC, it can be modified
and update but not the with the existing record.

Tried with different files, libraries, etc. do not help or even AS400
without any user log in failed too.

MSDN claimes that it was due to "optimistic lock" but also stated that ODBC
uses optimistic lock to access records  from host system.

Appreciate very much if anyone can help to enlighten me if I have miss out
any steps.

ODBC drivers tried are : v3R1M3 and V4R4M0 - mostly default setting except
for lib,etc.

Thanks in advance,


Sun, 24 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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