DB2 Connect EE V7 "automatic switching" 
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 DB2 Connect EE V7 "automatic switching"
Hi there

Do anyone know how to do some intelligent switching from a DB2 Runtime
Client between different DB2 Connect EE gateways ?

What I want is - when my DB2 Runtime Client receives a SQL30081N, it should
do a connect through my alternate DB2 Connect EE gateway.

I'm using WinNT/Win2000 for DB2 Connect EE platform, and Win2000 for my DB2

Any suggestion welcome ...

/Kim Bundgaard - KMD A/S

Mon, 06 Dec 2004 17:27:35 GMT
 DB2 Connect EE V7 "automatic switching"

I do not believe that there is any automatic switching that can occur
at the DB2 Connect level, although I would love to be proved wrong on

I think the best you could do is have the application try to open up a
connection using "connection1" and if any error is received attempt to
open a connection using "connection2".

Of course this puts all of burden on your developers to make sure this
happens and is tested properly.

Hope this helps,

Tue, 07 Dec 2004 03:38:37 GMT
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