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 looking for a database:


>Please help us:

>We are currently looking for a database management system, which meets the
>following requirements:

>? Royalty free for distribution.

Rules out the otherwise free Linux-servers from Sybase et. al.  FileMaker
databases can be distributed royalty-free, but only in a non-networked
(flat-file) way.

>? Editable.
>? Easily contain HTML and its content (images, links) and other document.

I know of no database where this is achieved "easily" - at least not for
my definition of "easily". One possible exception is the Hyperwave
Webserver, which sits on a Sybase database. But this product is not
royalty-free in any way. You may be able to do something with Intershop,
too, which also sits on a Sybase database and also is not freely

>? Has Text search capabilities + Includes support for embedded SQL.

These requirements pretty much break it down to PostGres SQL and MySQL.

>? Can import and export records from other databases (such as Oracle).
>? System requirements : win95/98/NT

PostGres and MySQL run on Linux.

Your best bet may indeed be FileMaker with the SQL plugin. Be aware,
however, that FM is not an industrial-strength database like Sybase,
Oracle et. al.  Also, the SQL support with the SQL plugin works fine, but
FM cannot act as an ODBC datasource. It can connect to another ODBC
datasource and read/write data, but that's it.

Well, that is all I know about databases, maybe I have missed some. If
that is so, please tell me about these products.



Ulrich Mayring

Mon, 11 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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