NULL in column constraint? 
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 NULL in column constraint?

Dear Folks,

We're new to SQL, and we've been trying our program against DB2 6.1 (among
others). In doing so we've come across an inconsistency in the use of NULL
(not NOT NULL) in column constraints. Some databases don't mind NULL; for
example, the following VARCHARs all allow NULLs:

 o1_host VARCHAR(256) NULL,
 o1_db VARCHAR(64) NULL,
 o1_id INT NOT NULL,
 o2_host VARCHAR(256) NULL,
 o2_db VARCHAR(64) NULL,
 o2_id INT NOT NULL);

This works fine in Cloudscape 3.0 (an embedded Java DB), SQL Server 7.0, and
others, but DB 2 6.1 (and Interbase 5.5, it turns out) complains about it.
The DB2 syntax diagram shows only NOT NULL, but other systems allow NULL -
Cloudscape docs

The opposite of NOT NULL (not really a constraint), it specifies that the
column can hold NULL values. Specifying NULL is the same as saying nothing
at all, except when the column is included in a PRIMARY KEY constraint.

SQL Server docs say:

Are keywords that determine whether or not null values are allowed in the
column. NULL is not strictly a constraint, but can be specified in the same
manner as NOT NULL.

...It is recommended that you always explicitly define a column as NULL or

So what we'd really appreciate knowing is:

o Is NULL (as shown above) standard SQL? Since IBM pretty much invented SQL,
I can't believe they're non-standard. (BTW, I looked for the entry level
standard online, but it looks as if it must be purchased. Strange!)

o If we omit NULL and just specify NOT NULL, is the default for all DBs
always NULL? (Yea, I know saying "all DBs" is asking for it.)

o What is the standard amongst developers in the know?


Matthew Cornell
Senior Developer

Sun, 08 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT
 NULL in column constraint?


I don't have the standrad handy (and no desire to fight through it
either ;-).
"SQL-99 Complete, really" from R&D books has in its <column constraint>
paragraphs no notion of NULL, only NOT NULL.
From a language point of view NULL seems a bad choice to me.
Wouldn't NULLABLE be better?

In DB2 the default is nullable.


Mon, 09 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT
 NULL in column constraint?
I just verified with our standards expert that this NULL option is not
part of the SQL standard.
    Doug Doole
    DB2 Universal Database Development
    IBM Toronto Labs

Tue, 10 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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