Probs with ODBC DSN & DB2 
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 Probs with ODBC DSN & DB2

Dear All,

I have a db2 app with an Access Front-end. The Problems I am having seem to
be db2 related but might be ODBC related or .....?

When the Access app starts up it first asks for the values from a view
called Logon which uses the User variable from within DB2. This obviously
causes the Db2 ODBC logon box to appear. I then logon using this & the
values retrieved from this select show that indeed I am the logged on user.
So far so good.

The problem then arises as I now need to go through & relink all the tables
given the new user. At this point the vast majority happily relink as the
person who's logged on however some seem to want to link (not the same ones
each time) using the UID of the person who originally created the ODBC link
using the Client Application Enabler to set up the ODC link to the DB.

Any idea how I can make sure that the tables are linked via the right User
100% of the time (or indeed just some idea of what is causing it)?

The platforms are Win NT4, Win95 & 98, Access97 & Db2 v6.1 (on NT).



Fri, 01 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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