DB2 Tape Backup & Restore Problem 
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 DB2 Tape Backup & Restore Problem

When you make a second backup to /dev/rmt0, the first will have been
overwritten.  On AIX, the /dev/rmt0 device automatically rewinds the
tape after the device is closed.  The second backup operation will then
write an image starting at the beginning of the tape.  There are other
special files associated with the rmt0 device, such as /dev/rmt0.1,
where the rewind-on-close feature is turned off.

I would not recommend putting more than one backup on a tape, because it
becomes very difficult to keep track of and to manage your backups.  It
can be done if you're very careful, but as you've seen you run the risk
of losing an important backup image.  Also, if you want to restore an
image from the middle of a tape, you will have to handle the tape
positioning yourself before attempting the restore.

Hope that helps.


> I'm having a problem when restoring a backup file from tape backup device. The
> tape device installed in my AIX machine is a 4.0 GB 4mm Tape Drive.

> Here are the scenarios :

> Two Sample database    : DAT01
>                          DAT02

> 1) Backup DAT01 to tape device (/dev/rmt0)
>    -  Status : Backup Success.
> 2) Restore DAT01 from tape device (/dev/rmt0)
>    -  Status : Restore Success.
> 3) Now, backup DAT02 to tape device (/dev/rmt0)
>    -  Status : Backup Success.
> 4) Restore DAT02 from tape device (/dev/rmt0)
>    -  Status : Restore Success.
> 5) Ok.. now restore DAT01 from tape device (/dev/rmt0)
>    -  Status : I/O Error!
>         DB2 Message :   Warning! I/O error "-2069" accessing device
>                         "dev/rmt0". Additional information (if available):
>                         "DAT01". Please ensure media is mounted
>                         and positioned correctly.
> 6) Try restore back, DAT02 from tape device (/dev/rmt0)
>    -  Status : Restore Success.

>    The DAT01 backup look like missing?? Where have it gone? Deleted or still
>    inside the tape?
>    Lets, continue the 2nd backup of the same database.

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Fri, 22 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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