sql0286n/42727 (when defining replication source) ? 
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 sql0286n/42727 (when defining replication source) ?

In control center, create replication source.

I get sql0286n/42727.  (8192 bytes)
Something is looking for a default tablespace of 8k?
source table is 4k.

In this DB, all TS are 4k SMS.

data capture for propagation was unchecked, i changed the option (alter
table on the source table)
didn't work, i stopped all services using db2 (ASN*, warehouse, ...) and

retried to create the replication source on the table and i still get
the same error.
I guess now that i have to create a 8k tablespace but why since the
source is 4k, ... ?
Who actually needs the 8k TS?
What is wrong?

Only basic TS are defined. (SYSCAT, TEMPSPACE1 and USERSPACE1)

Tablespace ID                        = 2
Name                                 = USERSPACE1
Type                                 = System managed space
Contents                             = Any data
State                                = 0x0000
  Detailed explanation:    Normal
Total pages                          = 35308
Useable pages                        = 35308
Used pages                           = 35308
Free pages                           = Not applicable
High water mark (pages)              = Not applicable
Page size (bytes)                    = 4096
Extent size (pages)                  = 32
Prefetch size (pages)                = 256
Number of containers                 = 1
Minimum recovery time                = 2001-01-15-


Sat, 05 Jul 2003 03:26:08 GMT
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