DB2 UDB v8 on AIX, Websphere 3.5.6, and Prepared Statements 
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 DB2 UDB v8 on AIX, Websphere 3.5.6, and Prepared Statements

         Hi all,

        We have some developers who are having problems using prepared
statements in Websphere 3.5.6 on OS/400 v5r1 and talking to DB2 UDB.

        We're using DB2 UDB v8 with fixpack 2 on AIX 5L.

        The problem is that the first row of data is duplicated in their
returned dataset.  Has anyone seen this kind of problem?  Websphere is
using the standard
                        jdbc driver for DB2.

        Thanks in advance for any assistance!

        Paul Murphy

        May Dept Store Co

Sun, 13 Nov 2005 11:37:09 GMT
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