db2: db2inidb on database after backup/restore (UDB 7.2. on AIX) (DMS AnD SMS) 
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 db2: db2inidb on database after backup/restore (UDB 7.2. on AIX) (DMS AnD SMS)

db2inidb is nice but, what about backup/restore users?

We can initialize a roll-forward database by taking an on-line backup
on the production site and restore it on the recovery machine/site.
The recovery site  can then be fed with released logs file from the
production site and kept globally in sync (up to last released log
file if the logs can be transfered on a network). This shadow=recovery
database can not not be accessed for backup, but this is the case for
a DMS based database when the standby is created with suspend write,
..., db2inidb.

Question: how can a customer who made the investment for
backup/restore capabilities (main site/recovery site) use the same
enhancement as what is possible with db2inidb? The answer would be I
think: allow db2inidb to work after restore of an on-line backup and
not only for DMS containers but also for SMS containers.

Bernard Dhooghe

Sat, 30 Jul 2005 19:48:01 GMT
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