Stored Procedure call problem 
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 Stored Procedure call problem

I am trying to execute a SQL  stored procedure with  a
C++ client application that uses ADO to communicate with the database,
specify the procedure name and creating (binding) its related

Everything works fine, except  when the stored procedure parameter
data type is TIMESTAMP, the parameter binding is not done and hence the
procedure SQLExecute fails!
It could be a time-formatting error, an ADO or an ODBC/driver error?

The documentation says that the DB2 TIMESTAMP corresponds to the ADO
but unfortunately NO example is provided in the SQLLIB\samples\ADO\VC.
Does anybody have experience, knowledge or can provide  a C++ example of
ADO  CreateParameter
with parameter type adDBTimestamp and assigning its relative value?

  pParam1 = pCommand->CreateParameter((LPCTSTR) "param_timestamp",
adDBTimestamp, adParamInput, param_length, param_variantValue);

Thank you in advance for any HELP!

Stefania Errore

Sun, 09 May 2004 19:30:47 GMT
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