Alternatives to Create Sequence for DB2 on OS/390 
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 Alternatives to Create Sequence for DB2 on OS/390

We are using DB2 on OS/390 v 7.1.1 and need to create unique
identification numbers across tables. Several Java and CICS programs
insert rows into different tables. Currently some of these batch jobs
take a while and are creating timeouts for one table where we are
storing the max id number.

We need something like the Oracle sequence where we dont care if some
sequence numbers are lost during a rollback however it is crucial that
the row on a seperate table with the max id number is not locked on

I dont think auto increment columns are usefull since we need the id
number to be unique across several tables. Any suggestions ?

If we have before insert triggers and that trigger gets the max id and
increments it - is there a way to specify that the trigger can commit
and not hold a lock till the calling program commits ?

any alternative that provides the least impact to exsisting programs
that insert data would be gr8.

thanks !

Mon, 18 Jul 2005 00:57:03 GMT
 Alternatives to Create Sequence for DB2 on OS/390



Mon, 18 Jul 2005 07:34:59 GMT
 Alternatives to Create Sequence for DB2 on OS/390
Hi Vikram

also we in our system use this (chapter 2):

Mon, 18 Jul 2005 07:32:56 GMT
 Alternatives to Create Sequence for DB2 on OS/390
Hi Vikram,

   While selecting the MAX of id use UR option that way you dont lock
the table while reading, since you mentioned that its ok if there are
gaps in ID column

eg: select max(id_column) from myschema.mytable with ur
and add one to the number to get the next id ( you can mention in the
select only as max(id_column)+1 )

--Kishore Tummala


> Hi Vikram


> also we in our system use this (chapter 2):


Tue, 19 Jul 2005 01:06:22 GMT
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