Websphere, DB2, EJB and case insensitive queries 
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 Websphere, DB2, EJB and case insensitive queries

Hi, I have developed a CMP entity bean which saves to a DB2 database.  I
have several find methods defined in the home interface, trouble is they
are case sensitive.  I have tried changing the where clause in my finder
helper class to something like:

public final static String findByPersonWhereClause = "upper(T1.lastname
) LIKE upper(?) AND T1.status = ?";

...but I get some CORBA transaction rolled back exception.  I have tried
typing the SQL directly into IBM's DB2 console and it works fine, but
not when I do it from the bean.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong, or
better yet, is there a better way to do this (without just storing all
the data in DB2 as in upper case).


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Sat, 11 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT
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