New Online DB2 Certifications (Free for limited time) 
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 New Online DB2 Certifications (Free for limited time)

Since I have had a number of questions  via email on this, I feel it
necessary  to indicate the following at this time:

1. The DB2 E-certifications listed here are not recognized by the IBM
Professional Certification program
    nor are they in any way associated with the official IBM DB2 UDB
Certification program.

2. The DB2 certifications here are not recognized by the IBM Business
Partner program.

I needed to reply to this since I have received a number of emails asking me
how this E-Certification ties in with my IBM Certification Program for DB2
UDB. The bottom line is it does not in any way and we do not at this time
recognize this certification for DB2 UDB.

Thank-you for your time.

Bob Harbus


> TekMetrics announces its new E-Certification program.  You
> register and take a test online and,  depending on how you do, you can
> be certified at either the standard or master levels.  In the past week,

> more than 1000 people have registered and 600 have completed
> examinations.
> More than 400 were certified.

> All E-Certifications are FREE for a limited time.

> Certifications are valid for one year and are verified to employers by
> TekMetrics.  You can also list the certification on  your resume and
> include the "Certified by TekMetrics logo on your resume or home page.
> A certificate will also be provided.  Simply go to
> http://www.***.com/ , register for a free E-Certification, and you
> will receive a PIN code that can be used at any time in the next 120
> days to take the exam.

> The following certifications are available now:

> C Programmer
> C++ Programmer
> COBOL II Programer
> Delphi Programmer
> HTML Programmer
> Java Programmer
> Lotus Notes Programmer
> MS SQL Server DBA
> MS SQL Server Programmer
> MUMPS Programmer
> Novell NetWare Administrator
> Oracle DBA
> Oracle PL/SQL Programmer
> PowerBuilder Prorammer
> SAS Programmer
> Unix Programmer
> Unix System Administrator
> Visual Basic Programmer
> Web Programmer
> Windows NT Administrator

> Outlines of examination content are available at our web site.  Once you

> are certified, you can use our special logos on your resume or web
> page.  Also, employers can verify your certification online!

> Data you provide in the registration process is not used in any way
> other than to store your certification record and verify to valid
> employers at their request.

Are you DB2 certified?
See for details or send me email with questions.
Bob Harbus              DB2 Certification and Education Coordinator
IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert - DB2 Universal Database V5
IBM Certified Solutions Expert - DB2 UDB V5 Database Administration
IBM Certified Solutions Expert - DB2 UDB V5 Application Development

Fri, 22 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT
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