Problems with Fix Pack2 (linux + DB2 7.1 and Websphere) 
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 Problems with Fix Pack2 (linux + DB2 7.1 and Websphere)

First thing...does anyone in here no if the latest version of Websphere
for Linux has the latest updates because none of the fixpacks are
Now for the problems:
We installed the Fix Pack2 for DB2 7.1 on Linux and followed the
instructions exactly.  The installation went through fine .  Once we
updated the instances we rebooted (just to be sure) and started db2
backup. When we went ot start up Websphere we got the following error
(this is in the tracefile):

SIGSEGV 11 (*) segmentation violation
Full thread dump Classic VM (J2RE 1.2.2 IBM build cx122-20001026, native

With alot of other messages.  Websphere was working fine until we
applied this patch.  We need this patch because it provides support for
jdbc 2.0 for Linux.  Has this patch been tested against Websphere?
Please help!!!

Sat, 16 Aug 2003 17:47:52 GMT
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