DbtuTools Version 0.99.020 released 
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 DbtuTools Version 0.99.020 released

Hello DB2 UDB users/friends/fans,

a new version of the Open Source Software project is ready for download.

The most important changes are:
 - Windows platform support - starting with this release, there is a
   seperate package for the Windows platform holding the ported stuff
 - Some new classes within the java library
   (will be the basis for future development)
 - The is a new tool named dbtuapiwrapper

The Project Homepage still can be found at:

The SourceForge.net Services still can be found at:

To receive notifications about new versions, you can subscribe at:

Current implementations:
NEW! - dbtuapiwrapper   Part of the DbtuTools framework, that
                        encapsulate API calls.
     - dbtuff2code      Small tool, that converts an given hexdecimal
                        code  found  in  the  db2diag.log  into  the
                        corresponding  SQL Message  or  DB2 Internal
                        Return Code.
     - dbtugetss.sh     Small script, that captures all possible
                        snapshot data for the given database into
                        an file and displays it.
     - dbtulsts         Tool that lists informations about the table-
                        spaces and tablespace containers in a common
     - dbtupreptime     Small tool, that converts an given Consistency
                        Token of a bindfile / package into the time-
                        stamp format.
     - dbtuswitch.sh    Small script handling all the environemntal
                        stuff during an switch between DB2 instances
                        and DB2 nodes.
     - dbtutraffic      Test driver tool, which can be used to generate
                        (unusual) traffic within a database.
     - dbtuwho          Tool that lists informations about the current
                        connections with additional informations like
                        the Idle Time - like the Unix command "who".
     - dbtuxconnect.sh  Small script,  that tries to establish an
                        exclusive connectino to the given database
                        (forcing all existing connections to the

Hope you enjoy it.


PS: Any feedback, ideas or help are more then welcome.

Mon, 18 Jul 2005 20:39:47 GMT
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