DB2 replication problems (OS/2) 
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 DB2 replication problems (OS/2)

I have some problems with setting up a replication under DB2 V6.0.1 on OS/2
Warp Server for e-business with JFS. The applied fixes are WRG21164 and

1) Some new records (about 1 of 100) aren't replicated. They don't appear in
the CD_xxx table, but there is no error message.

2) The target database creates a new database log file for every apply cycle,
so I get very much little log files instead of big ones. The taget is
configurated in log retain mode. I'm also loosing space on the log file
partition and chkdsk errors.

3) Is it really necessary to start the captur program FIRST? What happens

Helmut Rademacker

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Sat, 07 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT
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