Text extenders known bugs? 
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 Text extenders known bugs?


I'm using DB2 6.1 with fixpack 9. runing text extenders.
Windoze NT 4 service pack 5,  textextenders have the
latest fixpack.

the text extender server is enabled to do an auto update
every hour eg (updatefreq min(1) d(*) h(*) m(10)) but
until i put the auto update on the machine was stable, but now
the machine dies every second night. I'm going to reduce
the auto update to 3 times a day to see what happens.
There are no documents queued to be  updated so the update
shouldn't even be running! no other users are accessing
the machine at the moment its just sat lonely in a room
on its own.

Anyone else seen this?

Alan Boldock
Software Engineer

Sat, 05 Jul 2003 08:40:12 GMT
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