Error in db2diag.log 
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 Error in db2diag.log

I'm on win 2000 server and when i'm connect to the database with user
who is on the domain, i found this on the db2diag.log

2003-02-11-   Instance:D2IPRD1   Node:000
PID:1376(db2syscs.exe)   TID:3444   Appid:0A0101B8.D50B.030211195956
oper_system_services  sqlofred   Probe:37   Database:PRDDBALL

e503 0000                                     ?...  

But with a local user on the machine no message on the db2diag.log.

Somebody get this message on is db2diag.log?

Sun, 31 Jul 2005 05:17:36 GMT
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