DB2 V7.1 questions about Jobs'launching and results'mailing 
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 DB2 V7.1 questions about Jobs'launching and results'mailing

One purpose of DB2 V7.1 is to make easy migration from MS SqlServer. On MS
SqlServer, jobs can be launched in sequence depending on previous ones, and
a mail can be sent to Outlook mailbox thru an external proc named
"xp_sendmail" in case of failure (typical administration tasks).

1) On DB2 V7.1, the only thing we can do is launch a SCRIPT from another one
(in case of job success for example). Is there a way (thru APIs), to launch
jobs - not scripts - depending of success of a previous one - so get
historics of jobs and timing and output ...?

2) How can we send a mail to an Outlook mailbox after a job failure - The
only samples in the doc are create a table function to READ mail? Why didn't
IBM furnish an API?

Thanks for your help,


Fri, 07 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT
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