Trigger or stored procedure? 
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 Trigger or stored procedure?


   We have loaded customers data from mainframe in EBCDIC to AIX DB2 V6.1.
   The data is in EBCDIC and our application works with it (we cannot convert
   it to ASCII). The problem I have is that in few of the (COBOL) programs
   they insert the data into the table(s) using CURRENT TIMESTAMP function.
   The problem is that the timestamp is inserted in ASCII. I can think of 2
   options to take care of it.

   1) Change all the timestamp columns to CHAR(26) and change the program
      to get the current timestamp, convert it to EBCDIC and insert it into
      the table ar character string.

   2) Create a trigger or stored procedure which is called automatically by
      DB2 whenever the timestamp column is inserted/updated. This
      trigger/stored procedure would take a ASCII TIMESTAMP and return the
      EBCDIC version, and the EBCDIC version would be inserted into the

    We are working on method 1. We had to do this few years ago. How can I do
    it using DB2 (method 2)?


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Mon, 16 Aug 2004 07:15:36 GMT
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